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About Us

Southern Angels has seen steady growth over the years and we hope to continue this trend far into the future. We are supplied  by Southern Marine Products and fully trust their establishment with a workforce consisting of nearly 640 people.

Southern Angels worker are proud to be a part of this team; hence, we are more focused and efficient. We highly value our employees and the explains why our loyal workforce everages ten years of dedicate service.

Over the years, we rooted ourselves as a dominate player in the indonesian fishing industry. Their demand require 90% of the total purchasing in the harbors and wharfs where the raw material are acquired.

Quality Control is ever-present throughout the whole process and it begins at the sea ports. Only the fresh and finest fish are purchase at the fishing harbors. From the harbors , the fish are delivered to Southern Marine's factory and unloaded immediately onto the cutting room. Only fresh raw material are processed. Quality control filters out fish that do not meet our high standards for processing. From the cutting room, the fish paste process begin and at each step, quality assurance takes samples consistently and test them in a laboratory.

end-product is tested one last time and the place into the contact freezer before being packaged shipped out. Southern angels requires these rigorous quality provisions because we believe care and option make the best possible product that will carry us well into the future.

Southern Angels is a distributor of high-grade fish paste (surimi). Started in 1996, we are axcited to celebrate our upcoming 20th anniversary and hope our success continues to grow.


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